The Frida Cinema Film Event Post #5


Join us at The Frida Cinema for our “Frida After Dark” 30th Anniversary screening of wacky Weird Al Yankovic’s cult classic, UHF.

George (Weird Al) is a daydreaming oddball who just can’t seem to find his place in the world.  All seems lost until his uncle unexpectedly wins the rights to the failing UHF television station, Channel 62, in a poker game.  Then George’s aunt gives him the job of station manager, hoping it will turn his life around.  Despite the initial challenges George and his misfit employees face, the unexpected success of a children’s game show shoots them to success.  Their unorthodox programming makes them both the #1 station in town and the biggest threat to the major VHF television station, Channel 8.  Faced with Channel 8 trying to stomp out of the competition, George and his merry crew of misfits must enlist the community to help keep Channel 62 afloat.

Weird Al, the king of music parody, does not disappoint with his film parody of both the 1980’s and the dog-eat-dog world of television programming—as well as adding his trademark musical talent to the soundtrack. Despite the critics panning the movie upon its release, it’s become a beloved comedy for both Weird Al fans and nostalgic ’80s fans.  So, come in your best Hawaiian shirt and celebrate UHF‘s 30th anniversary, here at The Frida Cinema.

Directed by Jay Levey | 97 minutes | 1989 | Rated PG-13

Friday, May 17 – 11pm
Saturday, May 18 – 11pm

“Weird Al again proves himself the king of skit, spoof, and everything in between.” – Clint Morris, Moviehole

“UHF is about as good as it gets when it comes to silly comedies.” – David Nusair, Reel Film Reviews

“Still packs the laughs!” – Kevin N. Laforest, Montreal Film Journal


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