The Frida Cinema Film Event Post #11

The Italian Job

Celebrating the summer of 1969, here at The Frida Cinema, from across the pond, is the classic British action-crime-comedy, The Italian Job.  The 6th highest grossing film in America in 1969.

After getting out of prison, Charlie Crocker (Michel Caine) is given a plan, masterminded by his recently deceased friend, Roger, to steal four-million dollars in gold from Italy in broad daylight during a professional soccer match.  With financing from the powerful crime lord, Mr. Bridger, Charlie puts together a merry band of professional thieves, drivers, and a computer expert, played by comedic legend Benny Hill, to carry out the heist.  Despite the Italian mafia, who is responsible for killing Roger, trying to intimidate Charlie and his crew, they continue on as planned.  And what ensues leads to a beautifully shot car chase, leaving you on the edge of your seat and wanting more.

The Italian Job, is a staple of modern British cinema, listed as #36 on the BFI (British Film Institute) Top 100 British films of all time.  Along with a soundtrack by music legend Quincy Jones, it’s a smashing film experience too good to drive past.

“Is there a film—certainly a British film—that delivers a greater infusion of pure joy than The Italian Job?”—Robert Colvile, Daily Telegraph

“It’s the sort of smoothly entertaining and slyly intelligent crow-pleasing spectacle that will never go out of style.”—Scott Weinberg,

“Fast, funny, and featuring a wealth of great one-liners, this is highly entertaining stuff.”—Film4



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