The Frida Cinema Film Event Post #16

A Boy Named Charlie Brown

The Peanuts gang makes its way from the comic strip to the big screen in the 1969 classic, A Boy Named Charlie Brown.

After his little league baseball team lose the first game of the year, Charlie Brown doubts if he could ever win at anything. The next day, Linus suggests that he enter in the class spelling bee. Surprisingly, Charlie wins and goes on to the national spelling bee. To bring him luck, Linus lends Charlie his beloved blue blanket. But Linus soon cannot live without his blanket, so he and Charlie’s dog Snoopy travel to New York to retrieve it. When Charlie misplaces it, the three find themselves on a series of misadventures.

A beloved animated classic, A Boy Named Charlie Brown garnered an Academy Award nomination for jazz musician Vince Guaraldi’s original score.

“Classic Peanuts film is as charming and relevant as ever.” — Renee Schonfeld, Common Scene Media

A Boy Named Charlie Brown, is a fun leaning experience.  It was for me and millions of other kids in the early 1970’s.  it has a great message and an uncompromising way of making its point at the end.  Kids need this movie.” — Paul Chambers, Movie Chambers

“The appeal of Schultz’s pop philosophy hasn’t faded in forty years: this kind of sincerity can’t be faked.” — Peter Canavese, Groucho Reviews

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