The Frida Cinema Film Event Post #33

Ladyhawke: 35th Anniversary

Ladyhawke poster

1985 is alive with Richard Donner’s enchanting gothic fantasy Ladyhawke, screening just in time for its 35th anniversary!

In medieval Europe, Phillipe “The Mouse” Gaston (Matthew Broderick) is a thief who narrowly escapes execution and makes a run for it. He unexpectedly cross paths with the former captain of the guard Navarre (Rutger Hauer) and his hawk, Ladyhawke. Phillipe soon discovers the heartbreaking curse bedeviling Navarre and his lover Isabeau (Michael Pfeiffer) and it falls to him to break the spell and reunite this couple that is “always together, forever apart”.

Nominated for two Academy Awards, Ladyhawke is a visually breathtaking film everyone nostalgic for the 80s should see.

“The film is gorgeous to watch, especially since the quality of light is so central to the plot: Is it afternoon or sunset?” – Eve Tushnet,

“This is a criminally neglected piece of good gothic fairy tale fun.” – Ian Nathan, Empire

“Ladyhawke is a very likeable, very well-made fairytale that insists on a wish for its lovers to live happily ever after.” – Variety




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