Latin Heat Entertainment: Emily Tosta Co-stars Alongside Nicolas Cage in ‘Willy’s Wonderland’


By Justina Bonilla

Emily Tosta
(Photo: Screen Media Films)

Actress Emily Tosta stars alongside Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage, in the indie comedy-horror adventure Willy’s Wonderland.

Tosta, who was born in the Dominican Republic, first came to prominence in her recurring role as Leticia (Richard Cabral) sister (who soon we learn is really his daughter) on FX’s Mayans M.C. After season two, when Tosta landed a series regular role on Freeform’s reboot of the popular 90’s drama Party of Five it was unclear if we would ever see her back on Mayans M.C. However, Party of Five was canceled after just one season, and almost as if not skipping a beat, she just filmed the first episode of season three which premieres on March 16.

Cage, is known for his wide range of roles, from Valley GirlMoonstruckLeaving Las VegasFace/OffCon Air, to National Treasure. He is also the nephew of the iconic director of the Movie Brat era, Francis Ford Coppola. In recent years, Cage has made a name for himself in horror cinema, gaining a new generation of fans as the contemporary “it guy” of horror, with such films as Mandy and Color out of Space. Past horror films of Cage’s include Vampire’s Kiss8MMMom and Dad, and the infamous remake of The Wicker Man. For Willy’s Wonderland, Cage is both the lead actor and a producer.

Official Poster

Willy’s Wonderland follows an unnamed loner, aka The Janitor (Cage), who is stranded in the middle of nowhere, due to car issues. In order to pay for the car repairs, he agrees to a one-night overnight cleaning job at Willy’s Wonderland, an old family entertainment center. The Janitor gets more than what he expected when he finds out that he has been locked inside and must face the terror of the bloodthirsty animatronics.

A local teenager, Liv (Tosta) is determined to destroy Willy’s Wonderland, to end the animatronics’ bloodlust attacks. She, along with her friends go to Willy’s Wonderland to burn the building down, until they realize the janitor is locked inside. They make their way inside to try and rescue him, but find themselves locked inside along with him. Liv and The Janitor become unlikely friends as they fight to get out alive.

Willy’s Wonderland is directed by Kevin Lewis and written by G.O. Parsons. It is now available to stream on Vudu and Amazon Prime, with a limited theatrical release. Explore for further information.


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