Latin Horror: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Keith David spreads deadly ‘Pesticide’ in Shudder’s CREEPSHOW SEASON 2

Shudder’s Creepshow is back for season two! The hit anthology series run by showrunner Greg Nicotero is now streaming via Shudder with weekly episodes. Episode two of season two features ‘Pesticide‘ which stars, Josh McDermittKeith David, and Ashley Laurence. According to the press release, the synopsis reads, “An exterminator is tasked with a big job, and it’s more than he bargained for. The payout is huge, but is it worth what it’s costing him?” Pesticide is written by Frank Dietz and Directed by the horror legend himself, Greg Nicotero.

In an exclusive interview Justin Bonilla of Latin Horror sits down with actor and star of PesticideKeith David!!! The Pesticide star talks about the original Creepshow (1982), working in animation, how Josh McDermitt is creepy and Soup! Plus Managing Editor, Christian A. Morán makes an appearance to reveal how Keith David traumatized him as a teen!



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