The Hollywood Reporter: Next Big Thing: Carolina Miranda on Her Breakout Telenovelas and Leading Netflix’s Mexican Thriller ‘Who Killed Sara?’

The series became the streamer’s most popular non-English language series in the U.S. ever when it debuted in April.


MAY 27, 2021 10:30AM

Carolina Miranda
“I enjoy that she’s a very strong woman always looking for the truth despite her family’s objections,” says Carolina Miranda of her ‘Who Killed Sara?’ character.

On Netflix’s Mexican mystery thriller series Who Killed Sara? — which became the streamer’s most popular non-English-language series in the U.S. to date when its first season launched in April — Carolina Miranda stars as the only daughter of the Lazcanos, one of the country’s richest families. She becomes an unlikely ally to Alex (Manolo Cardona), who has been released from prison after being framed for his sister’s death by the Lazcanos. Amid a dizzying churn of lies, corruption, betrayal and death, Miranda brings a bold yet heartfelt sincerity to the role of Elisa. Who Killed Sara? showrunner José Ignacio Valenzuela recalls that Miranda won the role because “she displayed hues of emotions, including showing frailty, romance and tenderness. She also has a powerful disposition.”

Originally from Guanajuato, Mexico, Miranda found her way to acting through modeling. “I was working as a model at 12 years old,” she tells THR, “but I needed to express myself at a deeper level.” Her breakthrough in television came with the Telemundo telenovela Lady of Steel (Señora Acero), in which she did all her own stunt work. “It’s wonderful because it’s very hard work,” she says of the fast pace of working on a telenovela. “We made, like, 25 scenes per day.”

Miranda is now filming a new Telemundo telenovela titled Malverde, about Jesús Malverde, the Robin Hood-inspired Mexican folk hero of the early 1900s, just as season two of Who Killed Sara? arrived on Netflix on May 19. As her character continues to work alongside Alex to uncover the truth of who murdered his sister, Miranda reveals that Elisa is “going to be very romantic” with him.

The actress — who hopes to pursue U.S. film projects (“I would love to be in movies like Men in Black“) — says she’s “very proud” of the success of the series, a hit in 87 countries: “We’ve had the opportunity to show the world all the work that we’ve done here in Mexico.”

This story first appeared in the May 26 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.


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